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NEWS FLASH: Nov 2, 2015  I'ts Nov and time is flying to get your registration in to us for the up coming HR meeting on Nov 18, 2015 at NorthStar Veterinary Hospital.  To register go to  or send us an email to  to confirm your attendance. This will be the last meeting for 2015, so if you haven't taken advantage of your membership this year. This will be the time to do so. Meeting starts 7:30am to 12 noon. Cost to members is free, non members is $150.00. We are also taking early registration for 2016 membership. This can be applied to this up coming meeting. Forms are on home page for downloading.

The NJVHMA tries to tackle everyday practice problems from a realistic and experienced perspective. Management issues involving hiring, firing, staff discipline, employment laws, training, continuing education, client compliance and practice profitability are discussed at almost every meeting.  We work in groups or in round-table discussions and almost every meeting begins with an industry-renowned speaker. Imagine having some of our industry's most experienced and innovative professionals available to speak with for the whole day!  Meeting locations are rotated throughout the state. We also have regional meetings.  These meetings are informal discussions about issues we face every day.

We also have the support of the NJVMA and NJVTA!  We continue to join our efforts to help all areas of the veterinary profession in our state!  So how can you go wrong by joining a group that is here to help you, your staff, our profession and our state!                                                                                                                                   

Interested hospital owners or managers should contact Mandi Vilares at or sign up for LinkedIn. Then request to join NJVHMA under group search.

Once a member, you can also join the conversation  For more information visit our website or our Facebook page!  New Jersey is home to so many talented veterinary professionals. We hope that answering this invitation is the first step all of us will take to come together, exchange ideas and enrich our profession.

Jim Harper
Trenton | New Jersey Veterinary Hospital Managers Association |  609-888-2812